Through Deral LLC Mullen Financial Services, purchasers can expertly manage capital preservation and tax implications. Our direct connection with Deral LLC provides both new and preowned Mullen owners with access to current market dynamics and first-hand expertise that simply cannot be matched.

Leasing Option
Choose from flexible leasing terms
for your new Mullen

An intelligent and easy option for the customer who wants the satisfaction of driving a Mullen, but with limited investment over the term of the contract. Lease terms range from 13 to 60 months, multiple mileage options which can be open-ended or closed-ended.

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The advantage of the car you want
with affordable payments

An excellent choice for those who want ownership but with a significantly lower out-of-pocket expense at the time of purchase. Both conventional loans (make a down payment, then regular monthly payments for the duration of the loan’s term) and balloon payments (make a low down payment, then low monthly payments and a larger payment at the end of the loan’s term) are offered.

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