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Mullen PowerUP
Zero-Emissions Mobile Charging System

Introducing the All-Electric, Zero Emissions PowerUP, Mullen's latest innovation in sustainable mobile EV charging solutions. This advanced truck is designed to provide Level 3 DC fast charging, off-grid AC power, and micro-grid connectivity, making it suitable for multiple applications in situations with limited access to power. Whether it's roadside assistance/emergency response or power generation at temporary sites, PowerUP ensures immediate recharging of electric vehicles and serves as a reliable backup power source.

mullen powerup

This 100% clean energy model is a significant advancement from its predecessor which was featured on Mullen’s 2023 “Strikingly Different” EV Tour to charge Mullen EVs while on the road. The previous model utilized a gasoline Class 5 cab chassis platform and a dual-fuel (propane/natural gas) power generation. 

In addition to eliminating emissions entirely, a significant advantage of the battery-powered PowerUP is its quiet operation with minimal noise pollution, unlike traditional fossil fuel-powered generators. This benefit makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments like urban centers, hospitals, parking garages, campuses, and even residential areas.

Available with multiple platform integration and scaling options including the Mullen THREE Class 3 cab chassis truck, this advanced mobile charging solution is intended to be a scalable battery platform that can be configured to meet various market needs, ranging from 10kW to 1MW and can utilize new or re-purposed battery cells.

mullen three
Mullen PowerUP
All-Electric Mobile EV Charging Truck
  • Class 5 Bi-Fuel (Gasoline – P/RLP) Cabover Chassis
  • GVWR – 19,500 lbs
  • Wheelbase – 150 inches
  • Featuring 120kW Onboard Generator Duel Fuel (propane/natural gas) Vehicle
  • 1 x 120kW Level 3 DC, 950V Fast Charger
    2 x 60kW Level 3 DC
  • 4 x 7.2kW Level 2 Chargers
  • ~150 Gallons of Total Onboard Propane Storage
*Specifications listed are targeted numbers and may vary based on various factors such as driving conditions, battery age, and other variables. Actual performance may differ from the numbers provided.
Portable Power for Your EVs
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All-Electric Mobile EV Fast Charging
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